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Our mission

Raised sheep
in the Massif Central

We pay particular attention to the selection of our materials to guarantee quality and eco-responsibility.

Although our wool is 'virgin', it is actually recycled. We source our wool from a Scop in the Ardèche region of France, which has developed a method for recycling short wool fibres. In the production of wool after shearing, there is approximately 30% of loss because the production is divided between long fibres and short fibres. The long fibres are used in the textile industry. Short fibres that cannot be used are usually destroyed.

That's when we and our partner get involved. Thanks to an ingenious and ancient system, our partner recovers fibres destined to be destroyed to make wool felt, which we use to make our slippers warm and comfortable.

This is real recycling, giving a new life to a product destined for destruction - the "circular economy".

An eco-designed shoe

We mainly use recycled materials

Wool, a renewable material with incredible thermal qualities, keeps you cool in summer and insulates you from the cold in winter. We only use short fibres for the upper and the inside of the soles, which are generally not used in the garment industry and are destroyed... Let's get recycling!

The comfort foam used under the heel, which makes our slipper more durable, comes from offcuts from the mattress industry. We salvaged these "scraps" of foam production, and asked the manufacturer to invent a clever mix with all these pieces: aglomerado was born... Let's get recycling!

Our outsoles are made from recycled PET. Recycled PET is obtained by recycling plastic bottles and transforming them into a thread and then into felt (for our insole). We consider recycled PET to be a material that is part of a "responsible fashion" and circular economy approach.

Our Italian partner supplies us with this magnificent recycled felt. This PET requires much less energy to manufacture the finished product, such as our soles. Let's get recycling!

An ecological revolution and truly responsible design

Caussün's life doesn't end with its first use: at the end of its life, the wool parts, upper and insole will be composted after being separated from the PET outsole. This part of the shoe therefore becomes a potential compost customer. This compost can be used to grow various plants and avoid the production of waste. It is untreated raw material without any harmful substances that will be assimilated into the soil through biodegradation.

Rich in nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the wool will help to fertilise the soil and enhance the life that develops there. This part can also be used to cover your potted outdoor plants and protect them from the cold.

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