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Ethical fashion and eco-responsible slippers

Ethical fashion has become a popular trend in recent years, with more and more consumers wanting to buy products that respect the environment and workers' rights. Visit eco-responsible clothing and accessories are increasingly common on the market, and slippers are no exception.

The eco-responsible slippers offer a sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional slippers. Ethical brands use natural and recycled materials for their slippers, making them more durable and less harmful to the environment.

Among these ethical brands is Caussün, a French brand specialising in eco-responsible slippers. Visit Caussün slippers are eco-designed using natural or recycled materials such as wool, organic cotton and recycled PET.

The wool used for Caussün slippers comes from a Scop in Ardèche, where it is produced in a responsible and animal-friendly way. The colours are natural: grey is a mix of black and white sheep, beige is white sheep and chocolate is black sheep. The non-slip outsole is made from recycled PET, which is made from plastic bottles. reduce plastic waste in the environment.

For extreme comfort, Caussün slippers feature recycled mattress foam under the heel, providing excellent support for the feet. The cotton used for the linings is also organic, helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

Caussün slippers are designed to allow feet to breathe, using natural materials to prevent perspiration and unpleasant odours. And at the end of their life, the wool parts, including the upper and insole, are compost candidates. The slippers are delivered in their bamboo fibre case, which is reusable and compostable.

In addition to their durability and reduced environmental impactEco-friendly slippers also offer a better quality of life for the workers involved in production. Ethical brands strive to ensure fair and equitable working conditions, as well as fair pay for all workers involved in the production chain.

In conclusion, eco-responsible slippers are part of the ethical fashion trend, offering sustainable, environmentally-friendly alternatives. Brands like Caussün are examples of how eco-responsible slippers can offer exceptional comfort and durability, while respecting the environment and workers' rights.

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