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Caussün: a slipper like no other

Caussün is the translation of Chausson in Provençal.

And this slipper is totally ecological and unique.

Wool from French sheep (from the Massif Central) of different breeds to offer several shades of slippers: natural, ashen or chocolate.

Cork combined with wool to perfect the borders, the finishes, all padded with recycled mattress foam (from up-cycled fabric scraps).

Wool is also used for the lining.

The combination of materials and the very structure of the products ensure incomparable comfort.

The selection of these materials brings warmth and well-being while being sustainable and, ultimately, recyclable or compostable.

The creators of CAUSSÜN ensure their passion for a job well done, useful and enjoyable to the end by shipping their creations in bags made from recyclable 100% fabrics, the slippers themselves are packaged in a reusable or compostable bamboo fiber bag.

Nothing is left to chance. The production is done by the world champions of know-how in footwear, our neighbors and friends from Portugal.

The idea of the product that strives for perfection, useful and intelligent: here is Caussün, the eco-responsible slipper for a better world.

An ecological and unique slipper.