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The Cendree | Eco-responsible slipper by Caussün (the organic slipper)


Adopt the ash slipper for the singularity of its color resulting from a mixture of wools * between the white sheep and the black sheep (Massif Central origin). Your pair will be delivered in a reusable bamboo fiber bag, silky fabric, ecological and compostable. CAUSSÜN is unisex.

  • Colors : ashy
  • Comfort + (NEW): The wool fur sole delicately recovers your foot, the entire area of the sole is lined with our soft and comfortable wool. For extreme comfort we decided to put 8 mm of recycled foam under the heel. Wool provides total comfort while capturing perspiration and odors
  • Outsole : in Recycled PET, non-slip
  • Confection : artisanal, made in Portugal
  • Maintenance : opt for dry washing using Sommières soil

* Wool may contain traces of straw

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eco-responsible slipper la cendree

(1) Cork and cotton trim, (2) Recycled wool lined with organic cotton, (3) Recycled wool and foam interior, (4) Wool fur, (5) Recycled PET