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Simone Tout Rose


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Simone sees life in pink!

When Simone lounges, it's with a dreamy elegance. Her unique charm and resolutely chic style transport you into a world where every moment is tinged with softness and colour. Discover "La Toute Rose" by Caussün, where every step is an invitation to dream. This first-name slipper embodies pure elegance and comfort, enveloping your feet in a cocoon of well-being. Immerse yourself in a world where reality is adorned in the most tender shades with Simone, "La Toute Rose" by Caussün. Add her to your basket now and let yourself be swept away by the magic of exceptional everyday comfort!

  • Colours : Pink
  • Comfort + The pink wool sole gently picks up your foot, and the entire surface of the sole is lined with our soft, comfortable Ardèche wool. For extreme comfort, we've decided to add 8mm of recycled mattress foam under the heel. Wool makes you feel good by reducing perspiration and capturing odours.
  • Outer sole in Recycled PETnon-slip
  • Manufacturing Handcrafted, made in Portugal
  • Interview: opt for a dry wash using terre de Sommières or bicarbonate of soda
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(1) Woven wool lined with organic cotton, (2) Organic cotton edging, (3) Recycled P.E.T,

(4) Interior in wool and recycled foam, (5) Pink woven wool


The inside is much less soft than the white lining of the red slipper, more "rough", so I'm disappointed on this point, knowing that the softness of the Inter is the strength of your models.
(21 February 2024)
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