Discover the
unique eco-friendly slipper

100% recycled virgin wool (origin France)

A natural slipper

Composed only from noble and thoughtful materials

A slipper that
corresponds to our time

Aesthetics, comfort with an environmental reflection


Our slipper is made
mainly from recycled raw materials and 100% bio-sourced materials


Raw materials collected
closest to you: Massif Central,
Normandy and Italy


At the end of its life, by separating the sole from the rest of the footwear, the upper part of your slipper will become an easy candidate for compost (wool, cotton, linen)

A revolution

lapantouflebio® is an ecological slipper unique, discover the pantouflebio® and its different natural colors


The Cendrée

This slipper owes the singularity of its color to the wool blend of white sheep and black sheep (Massif Central origin)

The natural

It owes the originality of its color to the wool of white sheep (Massif Central origin). No dye, no additives


Its color comes from the original color of the black sheep from the Massif Central. Without dye, without additives

The Ash Sole

Adopt our Ash sole for even more comfort and warmth thanks to its 8 mm thickness which will protect you from the cold

The Natural Sole

The Natural sole owes its color to the wool of white sheep (Massif Central origin). Carry comfort everywhere with you

The Chocolate Sole

Insulates from the cold, absorbs moisture and eliminates odors: no longer be afraid of having cold feet with the Chocolate sole

A unique concept

100% transparent

Our philosophy is very simple, we produce without artifice with an eye on the environment. Through our products, we associate comfortaesthetic and ecology

Blue White Red

Our wool is mainly collected in the Massif Central and our linen is cultivated in Normandy. Play the authenticity card and opt for a new product using materials mainly from theFrench agriculture

Virtuous economy

Our slipper recycles wool intended for destruction, is equipped with a sole recycled to 96% and has for finality the happiness of our feet: it is rather a beautiful story

Go green with lapantouflebio



lapantouflebio® is a trademark of the company Alternativ'Bio, a French company that designs eco-responsible products. Our goal is to meet you and cocoon together responsibly.


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Are you a professional and want to offer lapantouflebio® to your customers? Alternativ'Bio is a French company that designs eco-responsible products without forgetting the marketing and strategic aspect: creation of our first piece of furniture that can contain and present our entire collection of slippers. Leave us your contact, we are ready for this common adventure.

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